Raasleela Part 2 Web Series (Wow Entertainment) Watch Online , Cast , Actress Name


Raasleela Part 2 Web Series is the latest online web show available on the official Wow Entertainment App. You can watch it in Hindi language. Here are some more information about Raasleela Part 2 web series.

Overview : Raasleela Part 2 Wow Entertainment

Web Series NameRaasleela Part 2
Release Date29 September 2023
Number of Seasons1
Number of Parts2
Number of EpisodesNot Known
Duration (Each Episode)20 Min (App.)
Available OnWow Entertainment
Actress NameAliya Naaz
More Cast NamesRitu Rai
Art DirectorOm Prakash Gupta
Creative DirectorB.R.
Casting DirectorRaja Randeep Giri
Pradeep Rite
Assistant DirectorSatyam Shrivastav

Storyline Of Raasleela Part 2 Webseries

The storyline of Raasleela Part 2 Wow Entertainment web series revolves around three friends and some beautiful women. The storyline of Part 2 will continue the storyline from where the last part ended.

Raasleela Part 2 Web Series Cast (Actress Name)

  1. Aliya Naaz
  2. Ayushi Bhowmick
  3. Ritu Rai

Aliya Naaz is the main actress in Raasleela Part 2 webseries . Ritu Rai and Ayushi Bhowmick are also playing roles in the show for Wow Entertainment.

Raasleela Web Series Watch Online (Wow Entertainment)

If you want to watch Raasleela Part 2 webseries online then it is available on Wow Entertainment App . There are also many more shows which you can enjoy on the platform.

Also for your kind information , a 1 minute 10 seconds trailer of Raasleela Part 2 Webseries is uploaded on the official Youtube Channel of Wow Entertainment App which you can watch here – Raasleela Part 2 Wow Trailer

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