Maangalik Web Series (Primeplay App) Watch Online , Cast , Actress Name


Maangalik Web Series the latest online web show available on the official Primeplay App. You can watch it in Hindi language. Here are some more information about Maangalik Primeplay Web Series


Web Series NameMaangalik
Release Date4 September 2023
Number of Seasons1
Number of Parts1
Number of Episodes7
Duration (Each Episode)20 Min (App.)
Available OnPrimeplay App
Actress NameRani Pari
More Cast NamesPriya Roy
DirectorUpdate Soon
Associate DirectorUpdate Soon
Art DirectorUpdate Soon
Casting DirectorUpdate Soon
WriterUpdate Soon


Storyline Of Maangalik Primeplay Web Series

The storyline of Maangalik Web Series resolver around a girl who has ‘Mangalik Dosh’ in her Kundali. A priest suggests her father to marry her with a tree to get rid of this ‘dosh’.

Now what happened next ? Go and watch Maangalik Web series on Primeplay app to know more about the story.

Maangalik Web Series Cast (Actress Name)

  1. Rani Pari
  2. Priya Roy

Rani Pari has played the lead role in Maangalik Primeplay web series . She is in the role of the Mangalik girl. Another actress in this show is Priya Roy.

Maangalik Web Series Watch Online

If you want to watch Maangalik webseries online then it available on Primeplay App . There are also many more shows which you can enjoy on the platform.

Also for your kind information , a 1 minute 14 seconds trailer of Maangalik Webseries is uploaded on the official Youtube Channel of primeplay App which you can watch here – Maangalik PrimeplayTrailer

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