Maangalik Web Series Final Episode is Streaming Now on Prime play App


Final Episode of the famous show “Maangalik Web Series” is now streaming on the Official Primeplay App. The platform has recently updated about the release of final episode on its Youtube Channel.

Rani Pari – Actress in Maangalik Web Series

Very popular OTT actress Rani Pari has played the lead role in Maangalik Prime play web series. She is in the role of a woman who has Manglik dosh in her kundali.

Priya Roy is also a part of this show. Her performance and scenes are enough to make you watch it completely. Although there are some other actresses in the show too.

Seventh-the Final Episode !

Maangalik web series has total seven episodes. The seventh and the last episode has just been released on Primeplay.

If you are interested then you can watch the complete show on the official website or mobile application of Primeplay App. Click here to go to the official page – Maangalik Web Series

Maangalik Web Series Details

First episode of the show was released on 4th September 2023. Primeplay has released the promotional video of final episode on 18th September 2023 on its Youtube . Below we have embedded the clip :

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