Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3 (Voovi Web Series) Watch Online , Cast , Actress Name


Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3 the latest online web show available on the official Voovi App. You can watch it in Hindi language. Here are some more information about Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3.


Web Series NameJaan Bujh Kar Season 2
Release Date1 September 2023
Number of Seasons2
Number of Parts3
Number of Episodes6
Duration (Each Episode)20 Min (App.)
Available OnVoovi App
Actress NameJinnie Jaaz
More Cast NamesDeepak Dutt Sharma ,
Bharti Jha , Varun Saggar
Associate DirectorRaja Randeep Giri
Art DirectorSanjay Mandal
Casting DirectorUpdate Soon
WriterAfzal Razvi


Storyline of Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2

The storyline of Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 revolves around a couple who wants more pleasure in there physical life . They plan to trap another guy for there need.

Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Cast (Actress Name)

  1. Jnnie Jaaz
  2. Bharti Jha
  3. Varun Saggar
  4. Deepak Dutt Sharma

Jinnie Jaaz has played the lead role in Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3 Voovi web series. Also the other female lead is played by Bharti Jha .

Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Watch Online

If you want to watch Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Part 3 webseries online then it available on Voovi App . There are also many more shows which you can enjoy on the platform.

Also for your kind information , a 1 minute 26 seconds trailer of Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 is uploaded on the official Youtube Channel of Voovi App which you can watch here – Trailer

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