Bima Babu (Hunters App) Web Series Watch Online , Cast , Actress Name


Bima Babu web series is the latest online web show released on the official Hunters App. You can watch it in Hindi , Bangla , Telugu and Tamil languages. Here are some more information about Bima Babu Hunters .

Basic Overview

Web Series NameBima Babu
Release Date23 August 2023
Number of Season1
Number of Parts1
Number of Episodes4
Duration (Each Episode)25 Min (App.)
Available OnHunters App
LanguageHindi ,Tamil ,
Telugu , Bangla
Actress NameJayshree Gaikwad
More Cast NamesMalvika Tomar ,
Ritu Rai
DirectorUpdate Soon


Storyline of Bima Babu Web Series (Hunters App)

The storylime of Bima Babu web series revolves around a insurance employee who want to sell insurance. These days , no one is is buying insurance policy from him so he is very depressed.

He can’t fulfill the desires of his wife so she also fights with him. One day he finds some pics of a beautiful women and you will need to watch Bima Babu webseries on Hunters app to know more about the storyline.

Bima Babu Web Series Cast (Actress Name)

  1. Jayshree Gaikwad
  2. Malvika Tomar
  3. Ritu Rai

Famous OTT actress Jayshree Gaikwad is the lead actress in Bima Babu (Hunters App) Webseries. Also Malvika Tomar and Ritu Rai has played important supporting roles.

Bima Babu Hunters Web Series Watch Online

If you want to watch Bima Babu webseries online then it is now available on the Hunters App. There are also many more shows which you can enjoy on the platform.

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