61-62 Local Doctor Web Series (Digi Movieplex) Watch Online , Cast , Actress Name


61-61 Local Doctor web series is the latest web show released on the official Digi Movieplex App . You can watch it in Hindi language. Here are some more information about Local Doctor 61-62 web series.


Web Series Name61-62 Local Doctor
Release Date15 September 2023
Number of Seasons1
Number of Parts1
Number of Episodes4
Duration (Each Episode)20 Min (Approx)
Available OnDigi Moviplex
Actress NamePooja Poddar
More Cast NamesRuks Khandagale
Assistant DirectorAkalaya Chaudhary,
Sangeeta, Kamaldeep
Art DirectorUpdate Soon
Creative DirectorRaja Randeep Giri
WriterAjay Pal Singh


Storyline of 61-62 Local Doctor Web Series

The storyline of 61-62 Local Doctor web series revolves around two lady friends. First one’s husband can’t satisfy her physically so she discusses about this with her friend. Her friend’s husband had previously faced this situation so her friend suggests her to consult with a local doctor.

There are some scenes of partner swaping in this show which you might like. Want to know more ? Go and watch 61-61 Local Doctor webseries on Digi Movieplex.

61-62 Local Doctor Cast (Actress Name)

  1. Pooja Poddar
  2. Ruks Khandagale
  3. Ali Sheikh
  4. Deepak Sharma

Ruks Khandagale and Pooja Poddar are the lead actresses in 61-62 Local Doctor Digi Movieplex web series. Both of them had previously worked in many other popular OTT shows.

61-62 Local Doctor Web Series Watch Online

If you want to watch 61-62 Local Doctor online then it is available on the Digi Movieplex App . There are also many more shows which you can enjoy on the platform.

Also for your kind information , a 1 minute 8 seconds trailer of 61-62 Local Doctor webseries is uploaded on the official Youtube Channel of Digi Movieplex App which you can watch here – 61 62 Local Doctor Trailer

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